Joy Sessions

Deb Evans is pleased to offer Joy Sessions.

What are Joy Sessions?

What would you give to have one more day with a pet you’ve loved and lost?  To savor one more moment?When the toys are put away, and the food is discarded, and the bills have all been paid, what do you have to hold onto? To remind you of the love you shared, and the joy they brought to your life? For many of us, what remains is photographs.I treasure the photos I have of my pets and family and friends. Each image is a step back in time, to remind me how full my life has been, and what’s important. Today, with a camera in every pocket, it’s easier than ever to document all the things, and it’s fast and it’s fun! But maybe we also take too many pictures, and most of them aren’t great, and they tend to lose the unique value a Photograph used to have.

There is immeasurable value in thoughtful, intentional memory-making with the ones we love. 

By slowing down, and making a special occasion out of documenting our time together, we’re giving a gift to our future selves. The gift of a moment, frozen in time, that can never be replicated exactly as it happened or as we remember it. The gift of emotion and expression and feeling, perfectly captured to transport you back to that day and time.

Remember how your dog’s fur felt under your fingertips. How his paws smelled like chips and he’d look at you with the saddest eyes, pleading for a bite of whatever you were having. His goofy smile and bad breath and favorite toy he took everywhere, even outside in the rain.

Our time with these remarkable creatures is so, so fleeting.

When we consider the impact they’ve had on our lives, the gravity of the relationship we’ve shared, and the immense loss we feel when they’re gone, nothing becomes more valuable than those frozen moments that we can look back on with a smile.

We have loved, we were loved in return, and here’s the proof: proudly, beautifully displayed, to enjoy and remember and feel for the rest of our own fleeting lives.



Created by Minneapolis-based Sarah Beth Photography, Joy Sessions are special photo sessions just for terminally ill and elderly pets.

Rather than something sad, Joy Sessions are meant to be a celebration of life, to create tangible memories that you can cherish forever. They’re an opportunity to capture the relationship you have with your pets before they pass.

Joy Session  is a resource for pet owners, to help you navigate the journey of losing a pet.

  • It’s a directory of photographers around the world who offer end-of-life pet photography sessions, so you can explore the options available to you in your area, and make the best decision for your situation.
  • It’s a place to learn about helpful resources from signs of aging to managing pain, to saying goodbye and creating memorials after they’ve passed.
  • It’s where you can enjoy fellow pet owners’ stories and photos, and share yours with the world.

**The term Joy Session® is a registered trademark of Sarah Beth Photography, LLC, and may not be used without permission. Deb Evans is a registered Joy Sessions photographer.