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Deb Evans Photography Classes

Deb Evans has been a professional photographer and photography teacher since 2001. She has taught classes for all ages and skills from children to pros. She currently offers private photography classes, customized to your skill level and goals.

  • “Debbie made class fun and informative, very clear teaching style – most enjoyable class I’ve ever taken.” Melva Shrum
  • “Debbie was very personable and friendly. Content was excellent and she taught it very well.” Nadia Arensdorf
  • “I feel like I learned a lot about photography. I find it harder to take pictures now because I don’t just shoot indiscriminately! Deb is an excellent teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.” Lloyd A. Baird, adult student
  • “Debbie was very friendly and presented the content in an easy-to-understand way.” Adult student, anonymous class evaluation

Email Deb – art@debevans.com for more information.


I offer personal, one-on-one instruction for all photographers from beginners to pro. All private classes are customized for your needs and available in your home. I won’t teach you ALL my secrets, but, through hands-on instruction, practice assignments, and feedback, I will give you a strong foundation in photography basics, an understanding of your camera, and the ability to greatly improve your photographs. Some clients want an overview of beginning photography techniques, some want camera-specific information, some want to focus on one or two advanced skills. I recently had a student who wanted to learn how to photograph product shots for her own business. She told me “I don’t want to know anything about photography except this one thing!” No problem. 🙂

Your photography class will be individualized to where you are and where you want to be. I will come to your home or meet you in a neutral location.

  • 2-hour Private Class (one person) – $200. Fee due when booked.
  • 4-hour Private Class (one person – 1 or 2 class meetings) – $350. Fee due when booked.
  • 3-hour Private Group Workshop (2-8 people) – $400 (fee to be divided among the participants). This is a great way for you to be a hero among your friends! Make it a party with finger foods and wine!  Class can focus on anything from  iPhonography all the way up to Advanced DSLR Photography. All ages welcome. A $100 deposit is required to reserve your date with the balance due one week prior to the workshop date.

Email Deb – art@debevans.com for more information or to schedule.


Are you a professional photographer or are you ready to take the leap? If so, I work with a limited number of committed pros to build or develop their businesses. Develop your skills; set up your studio; set up your accounting books; plan for taxes and savings; kickstart your marketing. After 15 plus years in business, plus additional professional experience in marketing and accounting, I can help you get your business rolling or take it to the next level. Ask for details!

Email Deb – art@debevans.com for details.

Deb Evans is a professional photographer providing custom portrait services and photography classes in the Greater Houston area for over 15 years. www.debevans.com

RAVE REVIEWS FOR CHILDREN’S CLASSES! Would you like to set up a group class for your children and their friends, or for a homeschool or after-school group? You provide the kids and a location. I’ll provide everything else. Ask about setting up your personal class.

  • “Mrs. Deb is the best photography teacher ever! Her class is really fun, but I also learned a lot too. I learned how to do shallow depth of field, and I learned about F stop and shutter speed. My mom says my pictures are a whole lot better than they were at the beginning of the year. My mom also made me the official photographer of the family! Mrs. Deb’s class is probably my favorite class I take.”     Katie Peoples, age 12
  • “Warning! If your kids want to take photography with Mrs. Evans, be forewarned.  They will change all the settings on your camera!  They will shake their head with pity when you insist on using automatic settings!  They will tell the guy taking Christmas pictures of your family at the mall that he is using too much flash!   They will ask for a new camera for birthdays and Christmas and everything in between!  They will beg to take Photography II with Mrs. Evans next year! Aaron has absolutely loved photography class!  He has learned a lot and had a great time this year!  Thanks Mrs. Evans! ~ Dixie Picard
  • “It’s a very fun class and you would be very lucky to take it. We do a bunch of fun stuff and you learn a whole lot about your camera and how to take better pictures. My favorite things I’ve learned about are the F-Stop and shutter speed, but knowing what the white balance is and how changing it will effect my picture is awesome, as well.”  Ryan Ramsower – age 9.75 years
  • I know [my son is] learning, because he’ll begin discussing something like white balance or aperture or something as we are driving down the road.  He will call my Dad, who was a professional photographer for many years, and start telling him information, as if he wouldn’t already know it. Dad just plays along. : )  Mary Ramsower, mother of student

Email Deb – art@debevans.com for details and to register.

Photography Summer Camp, ages 8+ – I will be teaching a photography class as part of the summer camp program at Oak Hill Farms outside Conroe. Camps begin July 10 and run two weeks. The second session begins July 31 and runs two weeks.  Join us for the full week of fun activities or come just for photography on Tues/Thur 1-3 pm.