One of the things that I love about dogs is how unique their personalities are. I’d met Champ several times before I photographed him. I think it was the second time I visited that he ran to the front door, saw me, and then immediately spun around and ran out of the room. I was surprised and a little disappointed because I thought Champ liked me.  A moment later, though, Champ ran back into the room and straight to me with his favorite toy in his mouth. His mom laughed and said “Wow! He really likes you! He always brings his toy to his favorite people.”

Champ was a perfect model – as long as he was laying down. 🙂 That’s fine with me. Champ is an older dog with some hip pains, so if he wanted to just chill with me and my camera, we would make it work! His family was thrilled with the portraits and so was I!